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Kos Sunrise Hotel opens its hospitable self to friends and visitors, inviting sea and sun lovers into its welcoming embrace. A city-boutique hotel is one of the most sought-after holiday retreats in the city of Kos. Its beautiful fully renovated style and its modern design create a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance. Kos Sunrise Hotel is ideally situated in a privileged location on Kos Island.

It distances 500m from the Mideaval Castle and the commercial port, 500m from the taxi station & 100m from the newly constructed Marina of Kos Island. Kos Sunrise Hotel welcomes you with 26 fully renovated rooms (2021), a cozy bar-restaurant offering comfort food all day, a perfect pool, and a 24-hour reception.

Hotel Amenities


Outdoor pool


Friendly Bar

Concierge services

bottled water

Private balcony


        Cozy & Inviting Rooms

Adventure & excercise

Adventure & exercise

As Kos is the island of bicycles, we could not do without services for bike lovers! Being a Bike Friendly Hotel, we will advise you on choosing the bicycle most suited for you, while our staff will assist you with routes leading to scenic locations of the island, beaches, and of course the historic city center.

Connect with nature and experience Kos in a whole new way!

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Our Bar - Restaurant

Kos Sunrise Hotel Bar - Restaurant, remains open almost all day and night (bar) offering drinks and food, not only from pure, fresh, unique Greek products and traditional local flavors but also international comfort food.

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Outdoor Adventures

A place full of history

Attractive, cosmopolitan, contemporary, and easily accessible. Located in the northeast, Kos town is a vibrant reflection of the island’s rich history at every turn: in the streets, the buildings, the markets, the parks, and the squares.Visitors can witness first-hand the remains of its history in the countless buildings and monuments scattered around the city. Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruins sit astride cobblestone streets and alleys, mingling with imposing Italian-era buildings.

Enjoy the sunset

We have the ideal place to enjoy and of course capture the wonderful sunset! Visit the beach of Agios Theologos, which is at the westernmost point of the island, to enjoy a shocking landscape. Did you know that you can also get here by bike?

Tour of the island by boat

The island is full of beaches and the only thing certain is that you have to choose which one you will have in the limited days you will stay here. Don't worry, there is the perfect area for you and your group! Come to the marina of Kos, find the boat that suits you and discover one of the island's beaches without restrictions!

Join our events

Experience an authentic Greek BBQ night with delicious dishes. Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere and friendly ambiance, as you dance to traditional Greek music and learn a few steps!

Are you looking for a friendly competition or just cool off? Take a break from the sun and have fun with your family or friends. Dive into the fun and excitement of our Pool games!


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